Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Students visit HPD Headquarters

Students from the Barbara Jordan High School for Careers recently visited HPD Headquarters. The group is part of the City of Houston – Houston Pathfinders Immersion Initiative program.

These students were able to tour the HPD Museum curated by HPD Senior Police Officer James Chapman and tour the HPD Watch Command Center. The students were amazed by the history of HPD and hear about retired HPD Senior Police Officer, Mr. Edward Thomas and his 63 years of service.

The students were about to head back to school when Chief McClelland walked back into Travis and briefly talk with the students. The students were thrilled to meet the Chief and perhaps this brief encounter encourages a few of these students to pursue a career in law enforcement. 

Chief of Police Charles McClelland presents award to Dennis Storemski

HPD Chief Charles McClelland presented Dennis Storemski with a token of the department’s appreciation for his work in obtaining more than $40 million in grant money for HPD. Mr. Storemski is a retired HPD Executive Assistant Chief and is currently the Mayor’s Director for Homeland Security and Emergency Management.

The monies granted to HPD have been used to purchase equipment used to keep the city safe. One item purchased was the new radio system that HPD has implemented. This new system allows for communication across agencies, an ability that was noted as lacking in New York during 9/11.

Mr. Storemski stated that his goal is to assist the region in its anti-terrorism efforts with an emphasis on allowing it to protect, prevent, respond, and recover from a terrorist incident. With that in mind, he looks for equipment, such as the new radio system, that can meet that criteria and still be used on a daily basis to enhance the existing capabilities of fire and law enforcement.

Coffee With a Cop

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Information Exchange September 2014

Dr. Tim Dang recently coordinated an Information Exchange that was held at the Park Place condominiums. He assisted Officer Peter Dung and Sgt. James Demartin of Eastside Patrol present crime prevention safety information to Vietnamese residents. This exchange is done annually and the citizens had many questions and were very grateful for HPD's involvement.